Services | IC50 Determination

There are over 500 kinases that have been identified in the human kinome comprising 518 protein kinases, and approximately 20 lipid kinases (Manning, et al. 2002. Science 298(5600):1912-34). 

At the International Centre for Kinase Profiling (ICKP) we are happy to help you with all steps of your assay to provide you with the key information that can help move your studies forward. 

The effectiveness of your compound is a key determinant factor of potency.  After screening a panel of kinases (hyperlink to Premier, Express, Custom, Lipid), the next logical step may be to determine your compound’s IC50 -- the half maximal inhibitory concentration of your compound.  This can prove to be critical information for a researcher’s studies.  At the ICKP, we can easily work with any number of compounds to assist you with determining the IC50 values. 

Please contact us to discuss further details, analysis requirements and pricing.