Services | ATP Competition Assay

There are over 500 kinases that have been identified in the human kinome comprising 518 protein kinases, and approximately 20 lipid kinases (Manning, et al. 2002. Science 298(5600):1912-34). 

At the International Centre for Kinase Profiling (ICKP) we are happy to help you with all steps of your assay to provide you with the key information that can help move your studies forward. 

When performing an enzymatic assay involving a kinase, one key factor may be determining the type of compound you are dealing with.  Type I kinase inhibitors are ATP competitive – thus they target the ATP binding site of the kinase in its active conformation.  In contrast, Type II kinase inhibitors are NOT ATP competitive.  We can assist customers in determining whether their compound of interest is ATP competitive or not.