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With a combined experience of 24 years in kinase profiling, our team is ready to aid you in furthering your research. Based in a leading centre in protein phosphorylation and cell signalling research, the team also has access to some of the best minds in the field.


James Helps

Name: Dr C. James Hastie

Title: Manager, Division of Signal Transduction Therapy

Year Joined: 2001

I was born and educated in Dundee. In 1995 I obtained a first class honours degree in Biotechnology from the University of Abertay. I then obtained my PhD in 1999 from the University of Dundee under the supervision of Professor Tricia Cohen, where I discovered a new regulatory subunit for Protein Phosphatase 4. I then undertook a further two years of Postdoctoral Research at the University of Dundee working in research laboratories of Professor Tricia Cohen and Professor Mike Stark where I studied the function of protein phosphatases.

In 2001 I joined the Division of Signal Transduction Therapy, initially to purify protein phosphatases and protein kinases, but in late 2001 I moved to manage the Reagents and Service group along with Dr Hilary McLauchlan. Over the years we have built up a team of highly skilled and dedicated individuals, and it is the strength of our team that has made the DSTT the success that it is today.

Hilary McLauchlan

Name: Dr Hilary McLauchlan

Title: Manager, Division of Signal Transduction Therapy

Year Joined: 2000

A graduate of University of Dundee, following postdoctoral research I joined the Division of Signal Transduction Therapy in March 2000 initially as a member of the kinase profiling team but in late 2001 I moved to manage the reagents and services group along with James Hastie. Since 2001 the reagents and services have become increasingly busy undertaking varied protein expression and purification work, more custom expression and antibody purification work and expanding the protein kinase profiling to include lipid kinases. I am lucky enough to work with a great team of very talented individuals who despite the busy environment, varied demands and challenges that each day brings all use their individual strengths to pull together to make the division successful and a great environment in which to work.


Profiling Team

Name: Jennifer Moran

Title: Kinase Profiling Co-ordinator

Year Joined: 2000

I grew up in the North East of Scotland and did my degree in Psychology and Biology at the University of Stirling. After graduating I completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science before embarking on an MSc in Biotechnology to allow me to do an independent research project. I joined the University of Dundee in 2000 as a screening technician and then quickly took on the role of Kinase Profiling Coordinator as the service grew and expanded. I find my work challenging as the services continually change and adapt to fit with current customer interests and needs. Outwith work I enjoy the outdoors; sailing, cycling, walking my dog and camping.

Profiling Team

Name: Ryan Traynor

Title: Kinase Profiling Technician

Year Joined: 2007

I am originally from Dundee. I am a graduate of Dundee University, Bsc (hons) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry . I work within the International centre for kinase Profiling. I joined the facility as I had an interest in HTS

Profiling Team

Name: Richard Ewan

Title: Assay Development

Year Joined: 2009

I joined the Unit in 2009 to work on Ubiquitin focused assay development and reagent production. Currently, I'm working to implement high throughput inhibitor screening for DUB enzymes with native substrates using a novel mass spectrometry based MALDI-TOF assay format. I undertook my PhD at University of Glasgow, where I studied the regulatory deubiquitination in plant cell programmed cell death. Prior to my PhD, I graduated with BSc in Biochemistry from University of Leeds and MSc in Bioinformatics from University of Manchester


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